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For over a decade I have helped thousands, not only through books, videos, public speaking and podcasts, but also through one on one professional therapy and coaching sessions. I specialize in self-help, substance abuse, relationships and spirituality. My background in education consists of a Master's in Psychology with a  concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Aside from personal practice I have worked with institutions dealing specifically with substance abuse, mental health and domestic violence. 

You can be certain that with me as your ally we will be able to reach the goals you wish to see met in your life. And if I cannot, your money will be returned. Guaranteed

The initial appointment


Your initial appointment may be all that you need, or it may be just the beginning. 

In any case I look forward to joining you on your journey. Once your payment has 

cleared you will be contacted to set up a convenient time for your session. Sessions

last up to one hour, and are conducted via phone.


Concurrent sessions



As a returning client you will enjoy the same quality service at a reduced rate.

Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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