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Revolutionary wisdom for

the evolving man, that every woman should read.


The Story of

What She Taught Me.

For over ten years I have written and advised about love, intimacy and relationships. Specifically for women. But finding myself in need of a real change in my life began a remarkable journey of self-discovery. It was as beautiful as it was devastating, and from it I gained invaluable lessons about life, spirituality, love, purpose and meaning.

The starting point of the journey which led to this book began in the middle of a warm night, on a shore of the gulf of Mexico. There, the first of many wise women began to show me a world that many others like myself walk through and about, yet never discern. 

By reading this book you are becoming a part of this journey. I am humbled. I am honored. I believe that by the time you finish the last page, you will have experienced transformational enlightenment just as I have.

I give you my gratitude, and I wish you much peace on your journey.

J.L. Ford

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 I will visit this book over and over, especially because J.L. has a style that is poetic, yet real and direct. When it comes to love, none of us want to play games or to be sold a bunch of stories that aren’t real. Everything is real here.

Sylvester McNutt III,

Best Selling Author

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